What is PAN Parks?

Rushing wild rivers, ancient forests, towering mountains; in Europe, there is a jungle. Indeed there are many. Bears, wolves, eagles, and bison live in these jungles, Europe’s national parks. And yet, most Europeans are unaware of all but a few well-known forests and mountain ranges. The lack of awareness is reflected in a lack of investment, institutional resources, and pride for these jewels of nature.

But these jungles are ours, and they must be preserved. WWF, the conservation organization, in partnership with the Dutch leisure company Molecaten, has founded PAN (Protected Area Network) Parks. This initiative brings all stakeholders of Europe’s wilderness areas together. It employs a comprehensive approach to meet the complex ecological and social needs of Europe’s protected areas.

The PAN Parks logo represents a reliable and respected trademark for conservation management and sustainable development. It is a trademark for outstanding nature and high-quality tourism facilities, well balanced with the needs of wilderness protection and community development.

Our mission

PAN Parks Foundation cooperates with protected area management and sustainable tourism businesses to make it possible for people to support, preserve, and enjoy Europe’s wilderness!