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PAN Parks was a good initiative; it lets you connect with wildlife. If you want to know about this far-famed organization, read this guide.

The PAN Parks was a Foundation which is a non-governmental organization that planned to shield Europe’swildernesses. The foundation is now in liquidation but was refused the court’s status and filed in The Netherlands for bankruptcy in May 2014.

The organization plans to create a network of European wilderness areas where high and wilds quality tourism facilities are balanced with sustainable local development and environmental protection. It tries to attain this through auditing and verification procedures, empowering it to certify parks owned by associates as meeting specific standards, combined with political advocacy on the European and local level.

Europe includes some amazing wilderness areas, mountain ranges, forests, swamps, and deserts that feature astonishingly exotic wildlife, including moose, wolves, lynx, buffalo, bears, and wolverine.

PAN Parks plans to bring these wilds zones while helping preserve and protect their heritage. It uses an extensive way of fulfilling the complex environmental and societal needs of the protected areas of Europe.

The PAN Parks symbol symbolizes an honored and trusted brand for conservation management and sustainable development. It’s a brand for high-quality facilities of tourism and exceptional nature, well balanced with the needs of community development and wilderness protection.

PAN Parks Foundation works with sustainable and secure place management tourism companies to allow it to be possible for individuals to support, maintain, love Europe’s wilds! This is an independent foundation that targets enhancing the management effectiveness of protected places.

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It participates in the tourism business that is a sector that makes up a risk that is key to conservation in many places and presents opportunities. The foundation provides communication and advertising support to encourage Certified PAN Parks and the PAN Parks theory.