7 Best Solar Lamp Post Lights For Outdoor Garden

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Solar lamp posts are perfect for almost any location around your home or work environment. With no need for plugging in or calling an electrician for installation, your solar lamp post will light up your backyard or any other outdoor spot you want.

But with so many Outdoor Solar lamp posts on the market, how can you know which solar lamp post is best for you?

So we have done all the research for you. Read carefully to know all the important information about outdoor solar-powered post lights before you buy.

Best Solar Lamp Post Lights; Solar Post Lights;

What is the Best Solar Lamp Post light to buy?

The best outdoor solar lamp posts offer a high number of lumens. They run for at least eight hours and come in a durable, weather-resistant design. After reviewing over twenty plus Solar lamp post lights, By comparing data and user reviews, the best solar lamp post is Gama Sonic Baytown II, closely followed by Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp. Not just two, but We have picked the top eight products for you to buy. Here’s the list of the best solar post lamp lights to buy.

In this article, I’ve put together a summary of solar lamp posts, how they perform, what they’re made of, and paired available data about each light alongside pros and cons so you can be sure you’re picking out the best solar light for the job and location. At the end of this article, you’ll find our ranking of lamp posts based on price, specifications, performance, and reviews.

#1. Gama Sonic Baytown II EZ Anchor Solar Lamp Post GS-105S-G

Gama Sonic Baytown II EZ Anchor Solar Lamp Post
NameGama Sonic Baytown II GS-105S-G
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)130
Burn Time8 hours / 10 hours on low setting
Weight8.13 pounds (3.69 kg)
Dimensions78 x 12 x 9.5 inches
Planter TypeEZ Anchor and Planter
Suitable ForPost Lamps of Outdoors, Home & Garden

The Gama Sonic Baytown II EZ-Anchor GS-105S-G delivers a classic lantern design detailing on the lantern roof that houses Mono-Crystalline solar panels. Choose from either black or burnished bronze paint effect and two anchoring options. 

Choices include the EZ Anchor option and the planter option. Manufacturers promise easy installation. You’ll receive a solar lamp post that delivers two settings, high and low, so you can extend the period that light shines for close to the duration of one night.

The cast Aluminium lamppost is weather-resistant, though the Lithium-ion battery has its drawbacks. While these batteries have three years of shelf-life, temperatures affect performance. Expect to receive fewer hours of light in cold weather.

An additional benefit is the light’s automatic switch-on feature. Expect the light to power up as dusk moves in. It also features a Gama Sonic solar cone patented bulb, evenly distributing intense light. 

Pros of Gama Sonic Baytown II EZ Anchor Solar Lamp Post

  • Easy installation process
  • High and Low setting modes
  • Automatic switch-on
  • Tough weather-resistant materials
  • Gama Sonic patented cone technology

Cons of Gama Sonic Baytown II EZ Anchor Solar Lamp Post

  • Lithium-ion batteries are affected by extreme temperatures
  • Expect to lose performance time once temperatures drop
  • Re-charging speed depends on weather conditions

#2. Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp

Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp
NameKemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium
Cell Type Monocrystalline Solar Powered
Max Output (lumens)145
Burn Time6 to 8 hours
Weight13 Pounds
Dimensions18.50 x 18.50 x 75.90 inches
Planter TypePlanter
CategoryOutdoor Solar Powered Post Lamp

The Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp looks like something out of a Dickensian novel with the four-panel glass sides to the lamp and ripple effect glass. Manufacturers state the Kemeco will deliver 145 lumens, though some reviewers argue that the light is too weak for their liking. 

The Kemeco 6 LED Solar Lamp delivers anything between 6 – 8 hours of light and needs twenty-four hours of a first-time charge once it’s out of the box. Be sure to plant it in a spot that receives steady sunlight. This will ensure your light gets the best charge. 

Made of weather-resistant cast Aluminium, the Kemeco will endure. Since the solar lamp post is made of Aluminium, you’ll be able to maneuver it easily. However, do be sure to plant it securely to compensate for the weight.

With an on-off switch option, you can set this light to come on automatically when the sun drops. LED bulbs reliably deliver a long lifetime, also. The design is incredibly straightforward, nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned solar-powered light when you need it. For its price and lumens, Kemeco looks like it will give Gama Sonic some competition.

There’s something about the top-heavy design that suggests this lamp needs some care when you’re setting it up. Be sure to weigh down the planter if it’s set in a wind-prone area, as many reviewers noted the Kemeco tended to topple. 

Pros of Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp

  • Competitive price
  • A significant number of lumens for powerful light emittance 
  • Made of weather-resistant materials for durability

Cons of Kemeco 6 LED Cast Aluminium Solar Lamp

  • 24 hours first-time charge
  • The top-heavy design means you’ll need to plant and secure the light to reduce the chances of strong wind taking it down

#3. Sterno Home Solar Street Light

Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Street for Patio Post Light Garden
Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Street, for Patio, Post Light, Garden, 76” High
NameStern Home Solar Street Light
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)60
Burn Time6 to 8 hours
Weight13.07 pounds (5.93 kg)
Dimensions8.75 x 8.75 x 76 inches
Planter TypePlanter
Categorybest solar outdoor post lights

Upgraded for 2021, Stern Home Solar Street Light manufacturers claim it’s brighter than ever before. It delivers 60 lumens of light, which is 20 lumens below the Gama Sonic Royal. While it will cast light further because of its 76 inches in height, don’t expect the brilliance of more powerful solar lamp posts. 

One common complaint among reviewers is that the Sterno Home Solar doesn’t cast much light. Also, after a few hours of being lit up, it starts to dim. So, don’t expect the Sterno to deliver a consistent output of 60 lumens. 

If you think of purchasing the Sterno, it pays to understand lumens and what you can expect for a light in this range. The more lumens your lamp emits, the more intense the quality of the light the lamp will cast. If your primary need is a light to navigate by, look to different model solar lamp posts. However, if your purposes are more decorative, this may be the lamp for you. 

The Sterno Home Solar Street Light comes in parts and claims to be easy to assemble. It’s wire-free, so it’s straightforward to put together straight from the box and will be looking pretty in no time. The solar panels adorn the top of the lamp, which has some excellent detailing features. 

Made out of Aluminium, the Sterno Home Solar Street Light promises weather resistance. However, it does not come with a planter, so you must get inventive to ensure it can withstand wind. Otherwise, use the bolts supplied with the lamp to attach it to the wooden decking.

Pros of Sterno Home Solar Street Light

  • 8 hours, dusk-till-dawn light
  • Automatic switch-on
  • Made of weather-resistant Aluminium and glass
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Seven hundred and seven reviewers give this light a rating of 4 ½ stars.

Cons of Sterno Home Solar Street Light

  • Some reviewers say it’s fiddly to assemble
  • Other solar lamp posts for similar price deliver more lumens
  • Needs to be adequately planted into the ground to secure it.

#4. Gama Sonic Pagoda Solar Lamp Post 

GAMA SONIC Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp post
GAMA SONIC Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamppost with Single Head Lamp, Outdoor Light Fixture
NameGama Sonic Pagoda Solar Lamp Post
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)180
Burn Time13 – 24 hours (setting and charge-dependent)
Weight16.91 pounds (7.67 kg)
Dimensions11 x 11 x 87 
Planter TypeEZ Anchor and Planter
TypeBest Outdoor solar lamp post lights

With a touch of Oriental decoration, the top of the bulbous lamp is influenced by Asian architectural features, but that’s not the stand-out part of the Pagoda Solar Lamp Post. The Pagoda delivers a powerful and warm light that measures 180 lumens. That figure is one-hundred lumens more than the Baytown and means it’s guaranteed to light up the darkest corners. 

Equipped with Gama Sonic bulbs, you benefit from long-life bulbs that should deliver around 50,000 hours of light. And let’s remember manufacturers also state the Pagoda Solar Lamp delivers up to 25 hours of light on a full charge. That is a whole lot of light from one solar lamp post.

When you combine the bulb’s lifetime with the build quality, which integrates robust weather-resistant materials and glass, there’s no doubt that this is one seriously rock-solid solar lamp post that’ll last.

For some, though, the price could be a barrier. The Pagoda sit’s at the top of the price range of the lights. 

Ultimately, though, what’s not to like about Gama Sonic Pagoda? Like its cousins, it’s equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery, so if you’re living in extremely cold locations, the battery performance will be compromised. That aside, you’re looking at a high-quality solar lamp post built to deliver more than adequate light and endure.

Pros of Gama Sonic Pagoda Solar Lamp Post 

  • Long-life Gama Sonic patented bulb technology
  • 180 lumens
  • Light lasts up to 25 hours 
  • Easy to install
  • Height and lumens deliver powerful light to a greater area 
  • Its quirky Pagoda design
  • Robust weather-resistant materials

Cons of Gama Sonic Pagoda Solar Lamp Post 

  • Cost
  • Expect reduced performance time in cold weather conditions

#5. Gama Sonic Royal GS-98B-S Solar Lamp Post

NameGama Sonic Royal GS-98B-S
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)120
Burn TimeUp to 12 hours
Weight12.5 pounds (5.67 kg)
Dimensions8.75 x 8.75 x 87 inches
Planter TypeEZ Anchor and Planter
CategorySolar Post Lamps

Inspired by the streetlamps of New Orleans, this handsome lamp post delivers a touch of old-world European charm to your front garden. Better than charm, though, is the powerful 120 lumens this solar lamp post provides. When you combine the lumens output with lamp post height, measuring 87 inches, Gama Sonic Royal delivers warm-white light to a decent radius. 

Just like every Gama Sonic solar lamp post in this article, expect to pull the Royal out of its box, install it quickly, then let the sun and the technology do the rest. Once dusk comes, the automatic light-up features will get the conical bulb burning. 

Put your light on the low setting with two settings to get a full night of light. User reviews have nothing negative to say about Sonic Royal. They complement the quality of its materials, the light it casts, and the elegance it adds to its environment. 

Pros of Gama Sonic Royal GS-98B-S Solar Lamp Post

  • Long-life Gama Sonic patented bulb technology
  • Weather-resistant, durable materials
  • Build quality
  • Bright 120 lumens of light
  • Elegant European light feature 

Cons of Gama Sonic Royal GS-98B-S Solar Lamp Post

  • Ensure that your lamp post comes with the EZ Anchor options to guarantee easy installation.

#6. Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Double Head Solar Lamp Post

Kemeco ST4311AB1-2 LED Cast Aluminum Double Head Solar Lamp Post Light Street Light for Outdoor
NameKemeco LED Cast Aluminium Double Head
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)200 – 230 in total
Burn Time6 to 8 hours
Weight19.63 pounds (8.90 kg)
Dimensions26.7 x 8.8 x 82.6 inches
Planter TypeScrew-in

You know what they say, two heads are better than one, so that’s what the Kemeco LED Cast Aluminium Double Head Solar Lamp Post has done. Manufacturers explain there is 200-230 lumens output in total. Reviews rate the brightness of the Kemeco Double Head and explain that it’s easy to assemble. 

Made out of Aluminium and glass, this is a weather-resistant solar lamp with a nice classic design with four glass plates circling the LED bulb. The Kemeco 6 LED is one sweet garden feature that will add light and a touch of class without costing you the earth. Like the Kemeco 6 LED, it’s a great price and an excellent solar lamp post. 

The Kemeco is one tall post at 82.6 inches assembled height, so expect it to cast light just that bit further. One drawback is that it is somewhat top-heavy. Take extra care to ensure the lamp is bolted tight to a firm, weighted base.

With a burn time of up to 8 hours and automatic dusk-till-dawn features, the lamp will see you through the night and light your way up the garden path once night falls. We like Kemeco as it offers a lot of lumens for the money plus a one-year warranty. It provides warm white light and a romantic look. The lamp is bound to lift any outside setting.

Pros of Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Double Head Solar Lamp Post

  • Delivers a combined 200 lumens of warm white light
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Easy assembly
  • Made of weather-resistant materials

Cons of Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Double Head Solar Lamp Post

  • Top-heavy solar lamp post that you need to anchor 

#7. Sun-Ray Hannah 3-Head Lamp Post & Planter

un-Ray 312010 Hannah 3-Head Solar LED Lamp Post
un-Ray 312010 Hannah 3-Head Solar LED Lamp Post
NameSun-Ray Hannah 3-Head Solar Lamp Post
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)120
Burn TimeUp to 8 hours
Weight15 pounds (6.80 kg)
Dimensions25 x 25 x 85 inches
Planter TypePlanter (not supplied)
CategoryBest solar post lights for Outdoors

Add extra curb appeal to your home by plotting the Sun-Ray Hannah Lamp Post and Planter in your garden or patio. This elegant light offers an amber, white hue and packs a combined total of 120 lumens. By opting for the planter version of this lamp post, you’re getting an item that will add aesthetically to your garden. Fill the planter with your favorite perennials to complete the look.

Made of sturdy weather-resistant materials, the Sun-Ray Hannah is made of magnesium-aluminium alloy. It is coated with a black powder finish, making for a tough outer coating that’ll endure. The Sun-Ray Hannah is a cinch to put together and feels of good quality once it’s built.

The Sun-Ray Hannah delivers up to 8 hours of light. With its light sensor, the solar lamp post will come on automatically. At 85 inches tall, it’s set to be a standout feature that’ll enhance the character of your property and illuminate the surroundings, so you’re guaranteed never to be left out in the dark again.

Pros of Sun-Ray Hannah 3-Head Lamp Post & Planter

  • A classy garden feature fills the planter with flowers to make for a unique feature.
  • The combined power of 120 lumens
  • Powder-coated finish for durability

Cons of Sun-Ray Hannah 3-Head Lamp Post & Planter

  • None of note

#8. Gre Luna 72’’ Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post – Best Budget Lamp Post

NameGreLuna 72’’ Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Max Output (lumens)15 per lamp
Burn Time6 to 8 hours
Weight7.4 lbs per piece / 22.2 lbs combined (approx.)
Dimensions72 x 10 x 9.4 inches
Planter TypePlanter (not supplied)
CategoryCheapest Solar Lamp Post Light for Outdoors

Gre Luna 72’’ Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post Review

Since budget’s a factor in deciding which lamp post to purchase, we wanted to include the three-lantern Gre Luna 72’’ Solar Lamp Post, which comes as Amazon’s Choice. But what do you gain or lose when shopping for a solar lamp post at this cost level? The straightforward answer is that you get what you pay for. This solar lamp won’t light up your garden but will look pretty. 

The Gre Luna 72’’ is a triple-head vintage-style street lamp. Depending on which section you read, the product is either made of metal or plastic. The lanterns have a dappled rain effect, which reviewers enjoy for the romantic quality that lends itself to the warm white light.

The Gre Luna divides reviewers. One group rates the amount of light emitted while others say that there’s not enough light given off, and it’s more of a beacon than a lamppost. In other words, if you need a solar lamp to light up an area, this won’t cut it. With only 15 lumens, it’s not surprising some reviewers are disappointed. The takeaway from this? It pays to invest in more lumens.

Another factor to consider is this lamp post comes without a planter. You will need to devise a way to secure the lamp post. Broadly, the Gre Luna 72’’ is a decorative light feature that will add character to a nighttime garden. If you need a reliable, intense light source, consider upping your budget to get a lamp that delivers more lumens.

Pros of Gre Luna 72’’ Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post

  • Budget light that makes for a characterful additional lighting feature
  • The combined output of 45 lumens approximately.
  • 6 – 8 hours of light

Cons of Gre Luna 72’’ Triple-Head Solar Lamp Post

  • Comes without a planter 
  • Not a solar lamp post to see by

How Do You Choose the Best Solar Lamp Post?

Just about every solar lamp post on today’s market claims to offer the same benefits and features. 

Benefits of Solar Powered Lamp Post

Sometimes shopping for a new product is about cutting through the marketing hype to understand what you’re getting. As we searched through the copy about solar lamp posts, we noticed that every lamp promised the same benefits:

  • Dusk-till-dawn lighting. Close to every solar lamp post we looked at delivers dusk-till-dawn light. In other words, it should stay on during the dark hours. Instead of being swayed by this marketing phrase, look for the burn time. Many of the lamps deliver a minimum of six hours. Often dusk-till-dawn is longer than six hours. If you need a light that burns all night, seek a lamp that produces at least 8 hours as standard. 
  • Economic green-energy. A solar lamp post is a green form of energy. Once you’ve purchased your solar lamp post, the only component you’ll need to replace at a point is the rechargeable batteries that store the sun’s energy during the day. 
  • Monocrystalline solar panels. This type of solar panel is consistently used across the solar lamp posts in our rundown list. It is the most efficient and affordable type of solar panel today. Other components besides the solar panels affect the burn time of the lamp. This includes the type of bulb and the type of rechargeable battery used to store electricity. 
  • Water-resistant materials. The electrical components within your solar lamp post are made up of materials that are affected by the weather. When water gets in, it will erode these parts. Every solar lamp should be water-resistant. Instead, look at the quality of the materials. Aluminum lasts longer than plastic and is more easily recycled once your solar lamp post reaches the end of its very long life. 

Not every solar lamp post, however, is the same. Some will deliver you more features than others. 

Differences between Outdoor Solar Post Lamp lights

Despite many solar lamp posts promising the same benefits, some components differ. We believe you need to understand the differences between lamp posts to make an informed decision on which solar lamp post to buy. 

Here’s what separates solar lamp posts:

  • Lumens. Some solar lamp posts offer just 15 lumens, whereas others pack a powerful 180 lumens in only one bulb. Lumens relate to the power intensity of the light. If you want a powerful light, shop for the most lumens you can afford.
  • Build quality. It’s an obvious point, but you get more for your money. We’ve all bought cheap products and seen them break all too quickly. Your solar lamp post will have to withstand various weather conditions, so you want to be sure the materials will protect the electrical insides from the elements. 
  • Manufacturer’s commitment. Some of the lights we looked at appear to come directly from the factory they were made. Amazon has opened up a pathway for factories in China to sell their goods with no middle-man. This is good for the price but not great for after-sales care. Be sure the lamp you’re getting will offer the customer service and support you expect if anything goes wrong with your lamp. 

When it comes to choosing a solar lamp post, you’re going to have to settle on the solar lamp post’s purpose. If you want to add more light to your outside areas for safety and security, go for an option that delivers a high number of lumens (light intensity).

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How to Get the Most From a Solar Lamp Post?

You’ve settled on your solar lamp post. It’s arrived; now it’s time to put it up and care for it. Here are some tips to ensure your lamp post delivers the light you want when you want it. 

Position Your Solar Lamp Post For Maximum Sunlight

If your solar lamp post isn’t in a spot where it receives a consistent amount of sunlight, the batteries in your solar lamp post just won’t get enough juice to power your light through the night. Be sure to spot your light not only where you need light to fall but also in a space where it will charge during the day. 

Extend Your Bulb’s Burntime

Some of the lamps we featured have two settings: low and high. The lamp post will burn through its charge in a high setting. Yes, you’ll get more intense light, but that bright light will burn more rapidly. For real dusk-till-dawn performance, switch your solar lamp post to its low-light setting. The bulb should burn through the night, though it will be dimmer than on the high setting.

Secure Your Lamp Post to Prevent Accidents

Solar lamp posts are left out in all weather and take a battering from high winds. If your solar lamp post topples, the delicate electrical interior will suffer. Plant it securely to extend your solar lamp post’s life and protect it against the elements. You may need to drill it down deep into the earth or fill up the planter with heavy materials. Whatever you decide to do, ensure your lamp post is secure against the elements.

Final Thoughts

When selecting your solar lamp post, here are some pointers to help you decide:

  • The higher the number of lumens, the greater the light intensity;
  • Lithium-ion batteries deliver longer life but are compromised by extreme cold;
  • Be sure to position your solar lamp where it will receive maximum sunlight to recharge during the day. Failure to charge the battery entirely results in reduced light performance;
  • Before buying, decide on your solar lamp post’s purpose. If decorative, let appearance guide your choice. Choose a lamp by lumens if you need to increase visibility in a dark area.